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Express Blows Whistle, EDL Bark

October 15, 2013
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Well, this old blog hasn’t been updated for a while due to certain life events taking up a lot of my time, but sometimes a story gets published that creates a lot of bluster over at EDL headquarters (and probably other like-minded groups) and provokes the need for a small response.  The Express has published such a story today.


Gah! The Muslamics are taking over, closing our schools, being all religious!  You can imagine how this has gone down over at the newly headless EDL.  Here’s a few examples of the outrage that’s been created:

ok, so if the school closes for a muslim based celebration, they should do( but wont) the same for christian based celebrations too.


If you want to celebrate Islamic festivals feel free to go back to your Islamic country and celebrate them. Don’t offend us in our own back yard. This is a Christian country!


kick the Muslim rats out of the school and Piss on them future killers


Why only muslim religion holiday? Why not days off for Hindu, Sikh,Buddhist, Pagan festivals? oh I forgot, other religions don’t make such a song and dance as muslims and demand WE observe their practices.. HEYHO, this isn’t a muslim country. wanna go celebrate eid?? why not do that in turkey, morocco or iran? WHY live here if you don’t wanna embrace OUR heritage and culture, rather than impose yours on us?


This just proves there are to many of them.out bread to change the country into an Islamic state comes to mind.if you look at maps of how Islam spread in the past by the sword and was forced back by the same means.then look at the figures for Muslims in todays western societies they are reinvading the same countries plus the new world.the only difference is instead of the sword they are doing it by shagging


Ok time for my rant i have been made aware that if i keep my children off school when they are ill it is unautharised absence as above we have these hols so why is it muslims get time off school n probs that will be ok in our country bt being ill isnt ? !

Okay, just a small point. The Expess story itself says:

The local Blackburn with Darwen Council and Lancashire County Council said headteachers can allow authorised absences for religious holidays. Instead, the school decided to accommodate the extra holiday by starting back three days early in September.

The head has used his new freedom to set term dates and done so in a way that means around half his students, which is the number that the Express states are Muslim, do not need to miss three days of school. You would think such creative use of these new powers would be congratulated, but no.  The Express is never one to miss an opportunity for a bit of bigot baiting.

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  1. October 16, 2013 2:57 pm

    I don’t know if it might have escaped the notice of the commenters, but we already do close our schools for Christian holidays. Like Christmas and Easter? Never mind boys, don’t worry about that, on with the self-excusing bigotry.

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