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Essex school does not scrap Christmas Nativity

November 30, 2012

With reference to this story in The Sun (direct link): Parents fume as school scraps Christmas Nativity for play about jewellery thieves Bill and Bob

The story itself contains the following quote from the school’s headteacher:

But headteacher, Janet Vaughan, has defended the new production saying it is merely a light-hearted twist on the traditional Christmas tale.

She said: “It is very, very funny and nothing more than a light-hearted version of events.

“The outcome is the robbers are caught and banged to rights and the true meaning of Christmas comes across very strongly with a nativity at the end.

“It is nice to have a fun element to any sort of Christmas production and we always have a religious basis to it as well.

“It’s nonsense to say the words are anything other than tongue-in-cheek and the children understand that.”

So this particular school hasn’t scrapped the Nativity at all. They’re just trying to make it more fun. After Leveson, you’d think the press might be taking a bit more care not to publish inflammatory and misleading headlines, but obviously not.

Looking below the line into the comments section reveals that parents at the school have a very different opinion to that being put forward by The Sun. Here is a small selection (with thanks to @speelingmstake for pointing these out):

Scrapped nativity comments

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  1. December 1, 2012 1:38 pm

    My first school used to do a mix of nativities and pantos (usually the younger children did a nativity and the older children did a panto). this meant that everyone did at least one nativity during their time at the school, but it also ensured that we didn’t do the same thing every year and bore all the parents! From what I can remember, nobody ever complained. If other schools want to inject a little fun and variety into their Christmas plays then why not? 🙂

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