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News! Very important! Courtesy of Daily Mail.

November 1, 2010

Quick post, because I simply must share this story with you.  This is probably the most important news you’ll read about all year!  Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration.  Judge for yourself.

The headline has been shortened since it was first posted, presumably to give it more dramatic impact.  This is how it looked originally.

They’ve even included a picture of the intrepid reporters who brought you the news of Alison’s ill-fitting dress.

Oh look, they brought their own little stepladders too.  That’s dedication for you.

The Daily Fail doesn’t like to be thought of as a down market tabloid, although intrusive stories like this lift the thin veil of respectability it likes to hide behind and show it up as exactly that.  The headline isn’t even trying to be imaginative or witty either.  Awful.

To fill a bit of space with text, Generic Mail Online Showbiz Reporter adds further detail of Alison’s attire as follows:

The soap siren, 37, who plays knicker factory boss Carla Connor, was was sporting an odd-looking short cream dress which appeared ill-fitting around her middle, topped off with a shapeless faux fur shrug.

She’d accessorised with a baggy black hat and slightly clompy black strappy shoes.

So you can see just how awful she looked, three large pictures illustrate the article.  Here’s two of them.

My fashion eye’s probably pretty rubbish, but she looks alright to me.  Criticising someone for the dress they wore to a friends wedding strikes me as ever so slightly desperate.  Judging by some of the other pictures accompanying the story, including the outside of the hotel, and some signs from outside the hotel, those intrepid reporters on their little stepladders didn’t get the money shot of the bride and groom.  This pathetic article is the result.

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