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Misogyny and The Mail

November 7, 2010

The headline:

On first glance, the headline seems to be fairly accurate.  There has been a 22% rise in female insolvency and an 8% rise in male insolvency.  The rate of female insolvency would appear to be rising nearly, but not quite, three times as fast for women.

The figures themselves say that 64,035 women and 75,111 men are insolvent.  Hmm, less women than men, then.  It also seems that The Mail, in its eternal wisdom, hasn’t separated these insolvencies into the three different types that exist: bankruptcy, debt relief orders, and individual voluntary arrangements (links go to the Consumer Credit Counselling Service website).

To complicate matters even further, The Press Association is reporting that ‘Bankruptcy falls to five-year low,’ as is The Thrifty Scot website, with its ‘Five year low for insolvency in England and Wales‘ article.  It’s all a bit contradictory, and I can’t see anything there that says women are rubbish with money when compared to men.  Indeed, less women are insolvent than men according to The Mail’s own figures.  Why, then, is the comments section full of misogynistic statements?

Sexism is alive and well at Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail, which is probably exactly the way he likes things (Link to The Independent).

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