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Extraordinary Egg Excitement

April 4, 2017

Yeah, I know. I could’ve punned it, but I’m sure people have seen enough of those today. This post isn’t even going to try to explain the Egg Hunt non-story of the day, because I’m sure others have done it already, probably better than I could.  I’m a bit annoyed, though, that we’re here, doing all this again.

My mother, the Mail reader, would probably say, “Unbelieveable,” or she might go full Theresa May, and call it “ridiculous”. In a way, she’d be right. It’s unbelieveable and ridiculous, mainly due to the untrueness of it.  Seconds, it takes, to check this stuff via a search engine, but people don’t.  It’s almost as though they want to be offended at the thought of others being offended by something they normally probably don’t even really care about. Those people they think are offended by Easter and Christians aren’t really offended, but that doesn’t stop them being offended and outraged anyway.  Search for Cadbury Egg Hunt on Twitter right now, and you’ll see how this story (and it is just a story) has been picked up and shared across the world.

It doesn’t even seem to matter how demonstrably untrue the Easter “airbrushing” is, or how many times this untruth is pointed out.  The originator of this nonsense has claimed credit for the National Trust “quietly editing” its webpage to include the word Easter, in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

In the meantime, the poor social media managers at the National Trust and Cadbury UK have had to spend the day reassuring angry people that Easter hasn’t been airbrushed out at all.  These offendees are generally the people who like to call others “snowflakes” and accuse them of being “triggered” by the smallest of social injustices.  They seem to exist in some weird, cognitively dissonant, hypocritical hive, like a swarm of religiously sensitive, angry wasps, ready to sting at a moment’s notice.

If all this high temper wasn’t enough, somehow people have managed to mention Winterval in connection with a story that is about a Spring festival. Winterval, ffs, the most comprehensively debunked pile of crap that will never, ever, die.  From the comments under the original article:

winterval klaxon

Proof, if it were needed, of the insidious, long-lasting poison caused by fake news.  Why do we get annoyed by this stuff? This is why.  It never goes away.  It’s going to be recycled, like all those Cadbury egg boxes. Every year, we’ll be having the same conversation.  It’s a distraction, but an effective one.

Final thought on this, now.  We live in a world where a company, and its partner charity, can be accused of erasing Easter from an event whose URL is and people swallow the lie more easily than one of the eggs they could’ve been hunting. People are angry because they want to be, but not angry enough to actually check what has infuriated them.  The cyclical nature of this stuff should provide enough warning, but doesn’t.  It’s exhausting.  Everyone who has been there, piss-taking, fact-checking, patiently explaining, thank you.  All is not lost yet.


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