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The Mail: Too much s*x!

April 10, 2011

Headline from the Mail today, based on the results of the Bailey Review of Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood (not linked to in the article, and seemingly unavailable online):

Pictures that have been banned from being published in a (completely different medium – not TV) catalogue were helpfully included to illustrate the point:

And in the sidebar:

Celebrity culture, adult-style clothes and music videos are all guilty in parents’ eyes of encouraging children to act older than they are.

The Mail, allegedly mid-market, allegedly a ‘family paper‘, adores celebrity culture. Much of its online content is given over to exactly that.  It also has a liking for “all grown up” stories about young women, and a worryingly creepy obsession with Suri Cruise.

Without access to the Bailey Review, which is due to be reported back to the government by May 2011, it’s difficult to discuss specific points in the article.  However, as far as sexualisation’s concerned, the Mail really isn’t best placed to criticise others.

*More information on sexualisation studies, from @DrPetraSexualisation of Young People report released. How useful are the findings? Here’s your chance to find out from March 2010.

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