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The Mail on Kate Moss and muffins

April 10, 2011

Last week, the Mail published extracts from a six year old girl’s diary, with the headline, I peeked into my six-year-old’s diary… and realised just how early girls learn to hate their bodies@NatalieDzerins pretty comprehensively covered the various distasteful aspects of that piece at the Forty Shades of Grey blogspot.  The part of that headline relevant to this post is, “girls learn to hate their bodies.”

Body hate is a topic covered in the Mail before (blogged by Tabloid Watch and Angry Mob), so when I see articles like this, it makes me swear:

Generic Daily Mail Reporter says (emphasis mine);

But even supermodels have their off days, as Kate Moss proved yesterday while on a shoot in Paris.

Kate, 37, was snapped by the refreshment stand in between filming, sporting what can only be described as a muffin top over her satin trousers.

And either Kate has let herself go in recent months or she needs to find herself a new stylist before any other fashion faux pas arise.

Kate will also be wanting to shift her extra weight before her wedding day to rocker Jamie Hince this summer.

The photo captions continue to put the boot in, with such delights as, “Trousers a bit tight, Kate? Miss Moss sports an unsightly bulge,” “Step away from the sweets,” and, “Chewing away: Kate clutches a handful of sweets and munches them down.”

Disgustingly judgemental, and certainly not rooted in reality.  Fuel for self hate among women and girls?  In my view, yes.  Similar disparaging remarks about Aintree racegoers were published by the same paper just a few days ago, but the piece was hastily changed, presumably to avoid offence.

The Mail comments section has a disclaimer, which reads, “The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline,” and the commenters haven’t wasted any time in telling the Mail what they think of the Kate Moss story, proving the disclaimer to be pretty accurate.  I’ll let them have the last word:

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