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Obsessed with weight – how The Mail gets it’s kicks

October 5, 2010

Being slim ‘makes a woman happier than any man could’ The Mail claims today.

[Dr Pam Spurr, a psychologist and author of How to be a Happy Human, said: ‘I have worked with many overweight women and their weight is always on their minds.

‘And not at the back of their minds but at the forefront, because we live in a society that is constantly evaluating shape, size and attractiveness.

‘People who are obese are stigmatised by people thinking they are stupid or lazy or just don’t care.’]

Hmm, I wonder if the media contribute in any way to this unhappiness.   Tabloids do seem to have an unhealthy obsession with weight, as I’ve mentioned before, but to illustrate just how much of The Mail’s output is dedicated to praise for the thin, and contempt for the not-so-thin, I decided to undertake an exercise in studying their homepage today, mainly because of that slimness making women happier than men headline.

This could have been done on any day of the week with similar results.  Is any of it news?  No.  You’ll notice that most of these ‘stories’ have been taken from the Femail sidebar of the home page, so are they directed at women?  Yes.  Slimness is celebrated relentlessly while heavier people are disparaged.  Being slim ‘makes a woman happier than any man ever could’?  Only in the misogynistic world of the Daily Mail.

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  1. quisquillian permalink
    December 5, 2010 5:46 pm

    Notice as well that the article completely fails to recognise the existence of lesbianism. Women could only possibly be interested in finding “Mr. Right”.

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