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Mail confuses burqa with hijab and provokes alarming diatribe

October 3, 2010

The headline screams ‘Muslim woman sacked for REFUSING to wear a headscarf’, and The Mail seem to have got this right.  A woman does seem to have been sacked for exactly that, and has subsequently “won her claim for discrimination on the grounds of her lack of religion or belief, by dismissing her and sex discrimination.”  Jolly good. Discrimination laws doing what they were designed for then.

It’s a shame The Mail has used something allegedly said by the employer in question as an excuse to illustrate the story with a picture of a burqa rather than a hijab.

The discrimination claim was nothing to do with burqas.  I can only assume that The Mail used this picture to provoke reactions like these, from the EDL:

Uploaded with

Congratulations, Daily Mail.  Objective achieved once again.

With thanks to Exposing intolerance and racism online for the screenshot.

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