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The Express against "Enemies of Freedom"

September 19, 2010

The Express:  Last bastion of common sense, level headed reporting, as demonstrated by this ‘Muslim plot to kill Pope‘ front page story yesterday.  The only problem is, there was no plot as Enemies of Reason, Tabloid Watch and The Media Blog have all pointed out.

Still, they won’t let the truth stop them.

The five men arrested over making a joke in a work canteen are, it seems, proof that ‘self-styled “liberals”‘ who protest against the Pope (a man who believes in inequality for women and homosexuals, covers up paedophile scandals in his own church, and says that condoms don’t help to prevent transmission of HIV) should be reflecting on their priorities.  The Catholic church is, says The Express, ’eminently compatible with liberal democracy across the world’.  Yes, because liberal democracies sit really well with homophobic, misogynistic organisations that cover up criminal acts by their members, don’t they.

The unfortunate men arrested for a joke of arguably poor taste have provided The Express with an opportunity to show us, once again, it’s utterly bigoted views.  Not only were the men concerned automatically labelled Muslim by this paper,  but they were definitely extremists ‘who would maim and kill in pursuit of a global caliphate’.  Except they weren’t, and the paper must know this by now.

This utterly hysterical piece has attacked atheists, liberals and Muslims in just a few short paragraphs.  What’s it based on?  A story that was blown out of all proportion, one that turned out to be arresting a few blokes for some comments overheard in a works canteen and then letting them go again.  Well done, Express.  This is a new low even for you.

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