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Littlejohn – Halfway to Homophobia

September 14, 2010

Ok, he’s all the way homophobic but that wouldn’t have made such a tidy title. It’s a small comment buried at the bottom of his column and is in reference to a story about diversity training The Mail ran on 12th September.  Women’s Views on News have mentioned the article on their site, saying, “Ah, the Mail, falling – with a complete lack of irony – further and further behind the times.”

What did well-known wit, Richard Littlejohn, have to say on the matter?

Council staff in Brighton have been sent on a ‘Leading In Diversity’ course, which invites them to imagine they are living in ‘Lesbianandgayland’ — a parallel universe where ‘the ideal family consists of a lesbian or gay couple’ and ‘heterosexuals are reluctant to come out’.

Imagine? We’re halfway there already.

Unsurprisingly, in the same column, Littlejohn defends the idea of Rupert Murdoch’s News International sponsoring one of the governments new academies.  He claims ‘the left’ object to this idea because they will no longer be able to fill “pupils’ heads with the sort of bias you read in The Guardian every day.”  Imagine a school where pupils’ heads were full of Murdoch-style bias…homophobia, racism, sexism…*shudder*

Isn’t it time The Mail ditched this bigoted waste of column inches?

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  1. mr tompkins permalink
    September 15, 2010 6:01 pm

    If cloaca[1] Littlejohn was articulate and funny then one might think "well he gets his point across in an amusing way, but I disagree with much of what he says – what a diverse world we live in".As it is he's neither articulate or funny. He isn't intelligent enough to consider all the angles to a story and he's too lazy to do basic research. He just seems to exist to embody all the ignorance and hatred of the Mail's target demographic, and in that respect he's hugely successful, as they're even less agile than he is.[1]

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