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Coca Cola Can Cans Shocker

September 11, 2010

Here it is, the first post in this brand new blog.  To ease gently into this venture, I will be looking at how The Daily Mail will make a story out of anything, with added speculation and hysteria that could seriously damage your mental health if you were exposed to it for any length of time (Disclaimer:  I have no access to any scientific research or quotes from experts to back up this theory).  This post is being used as a fluffy filler, a test piece, if you will, to find out how this blog malarkey works.

‘Fizzling out? The Coca-Cola bottle that could kill off cans’ says the headline.  It’s a small piece on page 4 of the dead tree version of the paper, and, at the time of writing, appears as the fifth ‘most read’ story on the Mail homepage.  Coca-Cola ‘killing off’ cans?  Could this be true?  The story opens with the words;

“Coca-Cola is trying out a new bottle format in the UK which could see the American giant’s iconic cans pushed aside.”

Cheeky Coca-Cola ‘could’ be replacing cans with a new size bottle!  Why would they do such a thing?

“The U.S. company has refused to explain the introduction of the 350ml bottle in a trial with some retailers since July.”

So, Coca-Cola ‘could’ be replacing it’s ‘iconic’ cans with 350 ml plastic bottles, but have refused to explain themselves.  What possible reason could there be for a large, multi national company to move from 330 ml cans to 350 ml bottles?  Personally, I would speculate that the small increase in volume, combined with packaging that weighs less, is to do with increasing profits somehow, but what do I know about big business.

Which aspect of this private company introducing new, just over a can sized plastic bottles, without having the decency to explain itself, has The Mail seized on?  Could it be environmental concerns?  Consumers getting a bad deal?  No, it’s all about the health of the nation.  The Mail says;

“However, the extra 20ml of fluid equates to an extra nine calories, taking the total to 147.

At the same time, the sugar content rises to 37.1g – the equivalent of more than nine teaspoons.

Any such move would not sit well with demands from health campaigners that food companies should do their bit to tackle obesity by reducing portion sizes.”

Oh, it’s obesity that the Mail’s worried about (very worried, judging by the 147 pages of obesity related stories available on the website).  There are no quotes from health campaigners to back up the statement made by the Mail, and, astonishingly, whoever wrote this piece failed to mention that the increase in sugar content might be damaging to the nation’s dental health as well.  That was a missed opportunity for adding 20 ml of extra worry-factor.  It seems as if the nutrition information on each style of packaging has been used to compare amounts of calories and sugar (disclaimer: this is unconfirmed).  Perhaps I should have called this, ‘Mail could kill off journalism by possibly getting it’s stories from product packaging’.

The unconfirmed possibility of Coca-Cola canning it’s cans is a non-story.  It seems to be there simply to fill space, with the added bonus of blaming food companies for contributing to obesity.  Obviously people drink Coke for the health benefits, don’t they.  I mean, it’s not as if they can choose from a wide variety of beverages which have varying degrees of healthiness, or lack thereof…oh, hang on, yes they can!

***Please stand by for a more worthy, better researched post that is not being used as a space-filling test***

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  1. September 11, 2010 8:53 pm

    This is clearly an advert – a press release or PR nonsense that the Mail has inflated and called a story. Also, a larger container will not necessarily mean more sugar intake: if the container is larger, you will drink less of them per day to assuage your thirst – so, in a day, you won't really be taking in more calories and may do more work in between drinks.Anyway, between us we have probably analysed the story far more than the Mail has done. In fact, using Mail mathematics (Mailamatics?) we have now done 1000% more work, or enough work to stop all the immigrants from turning in stories.Hopefully this blog will grow and grow.

  2. September 11, 2010 10:29 pm

    @Ray: Brilliant comment, and your point about sugar intake was something I hadn't even considered.Thank you. 🙂

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